ocel nerez hliník
CS STEEL a.s. | Phone: +420 588 883 722 | E-mail: info@cssteel.cz


As part of our CS STEEL a.s. production plants group we are able to offer customers cutting of long steel products on three KASTO saws located in Hranice na Moravě. The cutting center is affiliated with the pole rod material warehouse.

Thanks to our technological equipment we are able to offer cutting of up to 520 mm diameter and if the material is in                     stock, we can deliver your order within 24 hrs from receiving it.


  • KASTO SSB 260 VA – automatic vertical saw up to 260 mm diameter
  • KASTO HBA 420 AU – automatic horizonzal saw up to 420 mm diameter
  • KASTO Twin A4x5 AU – automatic horizontal saw up to 440 mm diameter
  • KASTO Win 4.6 – automatic band saw up to 460mm diameter
  • KASTO Tec A5  – automatic horizontal saw up to 530 mm diameter

Original material guarantee – AD-2000-W2

As of June 2010 CS STEEL a.s. is authorized to product certification transfer according to AD-2000-W2, which also enables our clients to guarantee the material origin to their customers.