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Zdenek Vozak

Zdenek Vozak knows exactly what eleven players nominate into national football team. Before every match and even after. And he knows very well to explain it. Unfortunately, he does not play personally anymore. Because of his “broken” knees, he says. Somebody believes, somebody speculates he has “knee drill because of a cent” (saying). Good conditions for financial director.

Zdenek has studied VSB – university in Ostrava, faculty of economy. It is the same as Mr. Perutka has studied. And Zdenek was better student based on quick review of both student record books. We have not asked him for his favorite school subjects but it is clear he calculates excellent.

His whole professional life is business with steel. He started as assistant of commercial director, he was responsible for tubes commodity, he worked also as manager of processes and quality control. He knows system and he keeps system. As a financial director now.